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September 18th

Route 22 West Bridgewater, NJ

So today on my way home from work I got to experience what its like to be a turd held in for a minute and slowly excreted (and repeat three times).

During rush hour, once you pass Bridgewater Commons on Route 22, it turns into a three lane highway. I have no idea why but cars would split and pile up at the first traffic light on Somerset Corporate Bvld. That road is for two office complexes.

But then less than a mile the road merges back into two lanes at a second traffic light, this time in a major intersection, Country Club Rd. So having to merge lanes like that is like having to hold your big Randy Marsh shit while sitting in an empty toilet bowl that is the rest of Route 22.

In total, I spent over ten minutes driving through less than a mile of road.

The most plausible theory I can think of is by adding that extra lane it prevents traffic from backing up into the 202/206 entrances (not that it matters since those lanes are backup all the time).

But I personally think some intern at NJDOT thought it would be funny to widen a highway for less than a mile for lulz.

I’m not amused.

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