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September 22nd

So my Rutgers is now 0-3, losing to a Navy team that lost to Duke the week before. The quarterback not only laid another egg, but lost his cool and punched another teammate. Being in West Virginia at the time, I couldn’t catch the game but I did go all Jersey in a restaurant when I saw the score on ESPN (fortunately, WVU isn’t doing to well either). So now we have a stadium that looks like Ground Zero, a quarterback that can no longer perform without Ray Rice, and a good chance we’re going to finish the season with only 1-2 wins. While I have a lot of hope in the future, we really really suck this year.

On the other hand, the NY Giants won a squeaker against the Bengals. Eli Manning, believe it or not, is still clutch and they are now 3-0 . So the Giants have a quarterback that can shake off a bad start to his career, a three man running game that actually work (though not so much this week), and a defense that survived two huge losses in the pre-season.

If you average the performances of those two teams, I guess that makes me a Jets fan.

Update: My fantasy football team is also 0-3 since Ben Roethlisberger spent most of the game in the turf (and then hurt his hand). I am such a lousy football GM.

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