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September 15th

How not to do your job

Controversial celebrity photographer Jill Greenberg, a self-professed “hard-core Dem,” deliberately took a series of unflattering shots of Republican nominee John McCain for the current cover of The Atlantic – and then bragged about it on a blog.

Greenberg, known for her heavily retouched pics of apes and babies, boasted to Photo District News that she submitted photos of the Arizona senator to the mag while barely airbrushing them.

“I left his eyes red and his skin looking bad,” she boasted.

One of the good things about what I offer as a web developer is I am able to separate my politics and my personal life with my professional life (I also have no patience over office politics).

I admit back in my low-paying intern days I allowed my personal life clash with my job. I can also admit I have gotten into trouble debating principles of professionalism.

One thing I will never ever do is allow politics to get in the way of my job (in many similar ways also my personal life).

For me it’s easy. Ideology has absolutely no bearing on my web development skills. Even though I consider myself conservative/libertarian, I could offer my skills to Democrats, progressives and they can trust me to do the job. To me, it is not allowing politics to limit my opportunities.

The same can be said about my personal life. One of the great things about being well versed in the issues of the day, I can find common ground with the most liberal of my friends.

Besides, in my opinion the outcome of this year’s election will have a tiny bearing on my life and for most people. This is still America and no matter how hard our government tries, they only play a minor role in most American’s lives despite the hype. Only those who advocate such nannyism would think otherwise.

The lesson here is to keep your politics out of your professional life (unless politics is your job, then have at it) and be as civil about it as possible in your personal life.

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