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September 16th

Now that I’ve covered separating politics from your profession, let me quip about politics from work

My state, New Jersey, is now a battleground state

There are a couple of things to consider about New Jersey

The Economy is issue #1 – This is even more magnified by the investment bank meltdown. New Jersey is home to many of the finance workers that are probably going to be canned in the near future. The candidate with the most understand of the situation and have the best solution will win this issue.

The Democratic Party brand in New Jersey – Our state government is wrecked by fiscal mismanagement, now resorting to loans to pay the interest of our debt. The Democrats currently control both the Governor’s office and both Legislative branches. In 2007, the Republicans made small gains in the Legislature. There will be a point where New Jersey become tired of Democratic dominance. Will it be this year? If McCain wants New Jersey, he needs to connect Obama’s economic policies to those currently practiced in New Jersey.

The polls are way off, like in 2004 – My point could become moot if it is anything like 2004, with Bush and Kerry in deadheat in the polls but Kerry won New Jersey by 8%. But this is 2008, and the economical and fiscal situation in our state is not in good shape. I am still confident it will be close.

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