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September 29th

Found in the menu of the Thai restaurant by my place of work

(1) VERY LITTLE SPICE added…just a pinch for flavor.

(2) LITTLE SPICE – Enough spice to give it a little bite. Please avoid if you are overly spice sensitive. This is probably what most Americans refer to as little or medium spicy.

(3) “AMERICAN SPICY” – because most of Caucasian America would consider this level spicy . This it is the level where it begins to burn.

(4) NUMBER 4 – this is where it starts to get serious. Formerly called “American Spicy” (because the chef and I were not on the same page when I originally created this list. Order a (3) if you can’t take some heat.

(5) SPICY – This level is usually ideal for seasoned spice connoisseurs, or those of Indian, Pakistani and Caribbean origin. Good for people that eat fairly spicy food on a daily basis.

(7) VERY SPICY – Intolerable for most of the population, serious mouth-burning heat, seasoned players only please!

(10) HOT – Only those with iron stomachs need inquire.

(20) HOT * * – Firemen are standing by. Off the scale spicy. It’s double the heat of 10

That right white folks. From a scale to 1-20 your are a 3.

Anyway, it’s a very good Thai place. I had 1 spicy and I had to reach for the water. I cannot fathom what a 20 feels.

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