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September 9th

Fantasy Baseball tips to school your co-workers or college buddies next season

For the second year in a row, I finish one game above .500 and I fail to make the playoffs. So I learned a couple of things.

Closers are overrated – If you picked up Francisco Rodriguez, then good for you. Well I didn’t and I had JJ Putz and Bobby Jenks. Both had less saves combined than K-Rod. How do you determine how many saves a closer is going to receive? Record? Then why does K-Rod and Papelbon have near identical innings pitched for teams that have almost identical number of wins and yet K-Rod have 55 saves and Papalbon only 36? Why does Soria have 35 for the crappy Royals (and Brian Wilson have 37 for the really crappy Giants)? The only thing one can bet on for closer is whether they will remain closer at the end of the season. The most annoying thing in my league they tend to be the highest scoring players in a team.

Quality Starting Pitching is still easy to get – What do Edison Volquez, Aaron Cook, and Justin Duscherer have in common? They are all All-Star pitchers, and I picked all of them up in free agency. Chances are that bastard on your team that picked up Cliff Lee is probably in the playoffs right now. You are better off picking up elite hitters than elite pitchers early in the draft.

Always pick up guys that stay healthy and play everyday – Chipper Jones is great. I dare say he’s having one of the best seasons ever. Chipper Jones doesn’t play everyday because he’s old and injury-prone. God knows how many close games I’ve lost because players are out for “only” and couple of games. If you had Albert Pujols, how did you feel every time he goes to the disabled list? You will feel a lot better if you have players that are producing consistently every week.

My, name recognition is a bitch – I just noticed that Aubrey Huff is still a free agent in my league (Btw, this is only happening in my league, he’s actually owned by 98% of leagues) He has the 12th most points in the league and the same number of points as Ryan Howard. I can think of two reasons why no one cared. He played for the Orioles and he lacks name recognition as a result. In other words, forget names. Look at the stats!

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