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January 11th

Having a really really good time. (Credit OnethirtyBPM)

Location: Webster Hall, New York, September 24.

A great live show is simple. Every awesome moment that you experience is not by chance, but a deliberate plan by the performers. That was apparent the moment the open band Wavves played. Known for their stoner style, in this show they sounded like they switched to a stimulant. When crowds start moshing to Wavves, the energy level is going to be sky high.

Speaking of the moshing crowd. Yes, I was in the middle. I was hit in the jaw twice, both times while trying to tie my shoes (note: where shoes without laces). Believe it or not, there is some resemblance of order in a mosh pit. If someone slips, he will get picked up so no one tramples him. Next time you are in such a show, try it sometimes.

As for the music itself, I have to confess something. Yes, David Comes to Life is a great album. But at the time, I hardly knew any of the songs, unlike when I saw Sleigh Bells as a fully educated fan.

No matter, MVP of that night was Fucked Up frontman Damien Abraham. Now there is the ideal frontman. There was maximum engagement with the fans during songs (He pointed the mic at me and shouted nonsense), charming remarks between songs. I didn’t even notice Fucked Up had 6 members. Abraham spent the majority of the show off the stage and on the floor. He could have played the album on an iPod and perform karaoke and all I want to do is get a chance touch his sweaty and hairy arms. And really, touching one’s musical heroes is all this is about, right?

So here’s to 2012 for another great year in music. I’m already booked for another show this weekend and I plan to do these write ups immediately after each show.

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